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Administrative Forms Manual


One of the most important procedures that any ministry must implement for the development of an effective and efficient ministry, is that of preparing and maintaining proper and adequate documentation of its operations. Documentation is the ministry's representation of the past, present and future. The primary purpose of this manual is to bring consistency to the many applications of church operations.

The ADMINISTRATIVE FORMS MANUAL includes a vast assortment of illustrative forms, reports, worksheets, checklists, etc., which support the various operations of the church. Thirteen separate administrative sections have been created to facilitate easy reference and use of the documentation. Specific forms are easily located by means of a separate table of contents for each section. Each form is assigned a different number for referencing purposes. These forms can be used "as is" or modified by use of the optional software.

These forms are also referenced (hyperlinked in the software) directly to the practices and guidelines as outlined in the Policies and Procedures Manual. This manual is mentioned on our Frieze Consulting website.

Summary of Administrative Forms Found In This Manual

This manual consists of two binders which includes over 650 forms, reports, worksheets, checklists, etc. Following, are the thirteen sections of the manual, examples of forms and the actual number of forms in each.

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